Since the early 1990s, our Presbytery has forged a strong partnership with the Nueva Guinea community. We work closely with the Nueva Guinea Pastoral Committee, which is supported by CEPAD’s impactful programs.

These programs tackle hunger, and injustice, empower women and youth, and provide pastoral training.

Due to improved conditions, we’re thrilled to renew our delegation travels to Nicaragua. While in Nicaragua, we plan to rekindle our relationships with our CEPAD friends and review the numerous CEPAD programs, visit a CEPAD elementary school in Managua, travel to and stay in Nueva Guinea, and observe several CEPAD self-sustaining and empowerment projects in a few remote villages such as Patio Farms. We also plan on building and installing residential water purification units in some homes in those villages. A day of rest and relaxation to explore local attractions or markets will round out the trip.

The proposed dates for the trip will be in the first week of September. There will be some scholarship funds available to help lessen some of a person’s expenses.  

If you or know someone who would be interested in joining us, please contact Ward Wilson at 517-414-6099 or email at