Presbytery Records

Presbytery Records

The Presbytery of Lake Michigan is working hard to provide transparency and records for you to review. We created “Presbytery Records” on Google Drive for churches to login and access. In May 2020, each church was provided an email address and password to log in to access those documents.

Some documents are already posted on the Documents page.

What should you expect to find in “Presbytery Records?”

These are the types of documents you can expect to find within “Presbytery Records.” Keep in mind that is a living environment that will continually change as documents are created and updated.

  • Book of Confession
  • Book of Order
  • Budget and Finance Committee
    • Financial Statements
    • Audits and Reviews
    • Meeting Summaries
  • Clerk of Session
    • Book of Confession
    • Book of Order
    • Forms
    • Policies and Best Practices
    • Training and Manuals
  • Directory
  • Leadership Team Approved Meeting Minutes
  • Per Capita
  • Policies
  • Presbyterian Publications
  • Stated Meetings
    • Meeting Minutes – As Approved
    • Policies
    • Past Stated Meeting Packets

Who has access to the Presbytery Records?

Each church within the Presbytery of Lake Michigan was given login information in May 2020. Every church’s teaching elder(s)/pastor(s), administrative assistant(s) and clerk of session is authorized to use the login for Presbytery Records

If you want know specific information or a particular document contact your church’s teaching elder(s), administrative assistant(s) or clerk of session to email you the file you’re looking for.

I’m supposed to have access but I can’t remember how to login.

If you are one of the authorized people who is supposed to have access but can’t remember the login information, first please try contacting your church’s existing teaching elder(s), administrative assistant(s) and clerk of session for that information. If no one knows then fill out the form below.

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Next Stated Meetings

The next regular Stated Meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 11, 2024, and will be hosted by First Presbyterian Church of Holt.

 Visit the Presbytery Meetings page of this website and watch the eDIGEST for updated information about how to register for the meeting and where to find the presbytery packet. Decisions about whether to gather in-person or online will be made closer to the meeting date.

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