Documents of the Presbytery

Documents are here to help elders, clerk, pastors, treasurers and other members of the Presbytery. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact the Office Manager, Sharon Carper.

Clerk of Session
  • Manual for Clerks of Session -2018 – PDF
  • All Clerk Information & Files
    • All Clerk of Sessions files are hosted in the Presbytery Records on Google Drive. If you are a clerk of session, contact the tech manager at to gain access to that or contact your church’s teaching elder or administrative assistant for more information.
  • Congregational Minutes Review Checklist
    • 2021 Congregational Minutes Review Checklist – Word or PDF
    • 2020 Congregational Minutes Review Checklist – Word or PDF
    • Clerks of Session Training Request Form
      • Request time with the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan to be trained on how to be a clerk for your church’s session by filling out this form.
    • I can’t find a document, where are they?
      • If you need access to more documents, as a Clerk of Session, you should have access to the Presbytery Records to be able to find them. If you’re still having issues finding them, contact the Presbytery Office.
    Nominations & Representation
      • An Overview of Our Structure – PDF
        • A summary document of the presbytery’s organizational structure. It contains the definitions being used for teams, commissions, committee and groups along with a description of the four core teams. 
        • Includes an organizational graphic of the Presbytery
      • Interested in serving in the presbytery or nominating someone?
        • Opportunities to Serve – PDF
          • This document describes the opportunities available for presbytery members to serve in leadership. The first page contains an overview summary of information while the rest of the document provides details about key teams, commissions and committees.
          • The detailed entries indicate when the group meets, what the group does, what positions are available and how those positions are filled, and ideal gifts needed by group members
        • Nominations & Representation Nominee Application/Form – Fillable PDF (then email or mail) or Google Form that will also generate a PDF and email you a copy
      • Contact the N&R Committee Members – PDF
      • COR Toolbox – PDF
        • N&R uses this document as a guide
      Annual Reporting
      Scholarship and Grant Information
      Pastoral Transitions


      Church Emergency Preparedness

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      Next Stated Meetings

      The next regular Stated Meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at Westminster Presbyterian Church of Grand Rapids.

      Visit the Presbytery Meeting page of this website and watch the eDIGEST for updated information about how to register for each of these meets and where to find the related presbytery packet materials.

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