Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries

Campus ministries provide programs, conversations and space where students can ask questions about faith and life as they learn and grow during their college years. 

The important work of campus ministries – which is part of the mission and ministry of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan — includes: 

  • Supporting students on their faith and life journeys.
  • Supporting persons who may be at a distance from their home church or community, and they may provide ministry to persons who did not, or do not now, have a church home. 
  • Supporting students during a period in their lives when they often have limited financial resources to assist in supporting the campus ministry. 

Campus Ministries We Support

Four campus ministry programs currently support students attending colleges and universities within the Presbytery of Lake Michigan. Scroll down or click below to learn more.

    New Life Lansing Korean Presbyterian Church

    Contact: Rev. John Won
    Phone: 517-899-9532

    Among today’s many churches, our church is composed of immigrants, young learners, and multi-cultural saints. Through worship, fellowship, and pursuit of the Word, our church is the Lord’s House that seeks to transform into the full spirituality of the Lord.

    Location Served: Korean Students in Lansing Area

    Contact: Nancy Janisch
    Phone: 616-821-0351 

    True North Campus Ministry is committed to becoming the inclusive, affirming, and welcoming community God intends us to be. We encourage students to follow God’s call for social justice, including anti racism work and LGBTQ inclusion.

    We create space for students to ask questions about faith and life as they learn and grow during their college years by providing opportunities for service, prayer, Bible study, and thoughtful conversation in the community.

    True North Campus Ministry journeys with college students as they integrate their faith with their daily lives, academic work, and future careers at GRCC, GVSU, and Kendall College of Art and Design. Be You. With Us.

    Location Served: Grand Rapids Community College, Kendall College of Art and Design, and Grand Valley State University

    Contact: Kathleen Robertson King

    UCM is a non-traditional campus ministry that uses service learning to reach out to college students on the campuses of higher education in Kalamazoo, Michigan. UCM works with over 250 students each year, teaching them about leadership and service learning, and helping students who are beginning to question their childhood faith claim adult faith.

    We partner with many local organizations, using service work to reach out to students who might not attend a traditional campus ministry. UCM believes that faith is about action and vocation.

    Location Served: College Students on the campuses in Kalamazoo, MI

    Contact: Neil Myer
    Phone: 517-897-1482

    UKirk at Michigan State is the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in East Lansing, established as part of the 1001 New Worshiping Communities Movement.

    We are an open and affirming community of faith. We welcome you to bring ALL of who you are to UKirk. You- yes you- are a beloved child of God. We value the diversity of racial and cultural identity, the full spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation and invite each person to full participation in our community of faith.

    We express our faith in creative worship, service, fellowship, prayer, discussion and more! We are a home away from home for students and college age young adults. We take seriously the command of Jesus Christ to love God and love our neighbors. It is a great point of connection for students of any faith background, or no faith background at all.

    Location Served: Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, and the greater Lansing area

    Ways to Support Campus Ministries

    There are three key ways that presbytery members can support campus ministries: pray, refer and contribute. 

    1. Pray – Hold the work of all campus ministries in prayer but especially pray at regular intervals those programs that serve students within the boundaries of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan. 
    2. Refer – Share information about the campus ministry programs with college students within your congregation and community. As appropriate, share information about the students with the campus ministry staff so that they reach out and make connections.
    3. Contribute – All four campus ministry programs receive shared mission dollars from the Presbytery of Lake Michigan. It is important to note, however, that these funds do not supply the total financial needs of the campus ministries. Therefore, presbytery leaders encourage local congregations to also support campus ministries through their church mission dollars in addition to their shared mission giving to the presbytery.

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