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Presbytery of Lake Michigan Structures

Work continues to move day-to-day operations of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan into the new organizational structure approved by presbytery members on December 2018. 

As members assume leadership roles within the new structure, some key terms and ideas are being defined so that information can be shared easily, decisions made thoughtfully and focus kept on our ministry work. 

Knowing some key definitions helps one understand functions within the new structure. 

Overview of the Presbytery Structure

Click on image below for a visual guide on how the Presbytery Leadership Structure is set up.


This word is reserved for a limited number of groups that define the vision of and make decisions and/ or recommendations on behalf of the entire presbytery. These groups include the: 

  • Leadership Team (LT)  
  • Congregational Support Team (CST)
  • Dynamic Leaders Team (DLT)
  • Mission & Outreach Team (M&O)
  • Administration & Support Team (A&S)

To learn more about each of the above groups in detail and their roles, click on the button below:


This term refers to a group of individuals – either appointed presbytery leaders or elected by presbytery members – that is given authorization to act on behalf of the presbytery and report those actions back to an appropriate team. Commissions include the: 

  • Commission on Ministry (COM)  
  • Commission on the Preparation for Ministry (CPM) 
  • Budget & Finance (B&F) 
  • Nominating & Representation (N&R) 
  • Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC)

To learn more about some of the above groups in detail and their roles, click on the button below:


This term describes a group of individuals – either appointed by presbytery leaders or elected by presbytery members – that works to gather information for and make recommendations to those on commissions or teams.

Examples include:

  • Session Minutes Review Committee
  • Youth Strategies Committee
  • Presbytery Worship Committee
  • Policy and Procedure Committee
  • ad hoc Covenant Partners & Campus Ministries Committee. 



This word references groups – usually appointed – that develop specific programs or initiatives. The groups are usually focused around a specific topic and meant to help build connections. 

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