An updated directory for the Presbytery of Lake Michigan is now available.

This version – which can be found in the password-protected Presbytery Records folder – is designed so it can be used on electronic devices or printed on letter-sized paper. The presbytery will NOT be printing copies of this directory for general distribution.

The directory is for private use only by members of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan. Information contained in this directory is not to be released or distributed to others.

If the contact information for you, your congregation, group, or program is inaccurate or has changed, please let the presbytery’s office manager know via a message to with “DIRECTORY UPDATE” in the subject line.

NOTE: Congregation members should contact their pastor, clerk of session, or administrative support person for the user name and password to access the Presbytery Records. If someone in that team or any individual teaching elder cannot access the Presbytery Records folder, they should send a message to for help.