Conflict between individuals, groups, teams, Session members, or within a congregation is a part of life. The Mediation Committee strives to help Sessions and congregations move through this conflict in healthy and productive ways. 

The Mediation Committee is a group of teaching elders, ruling elders, and church members with a variety of skills and training in systems theory, healthy churches, problem solving, dispute resolution, mediation and conflict management.

The Mediation Committee is equipped to serve members of the presbytery by:

  • Promoting training events, workshops and presentations to help God’s people develop healthy congregations and deal creatively with tough issues.
  • Providing print samples/models for group-building communication and leadership events.
  • Providing Presbytery web site links to information.
  • Providing confidential consultation to pastors and sessions.
  • Providing on-site intervention with 2-member teams.

Pastors and Session members seeking information or mediation may contact the moderator of COM (, the Executive Presbyter/Stated Clerk (flanelawrence@lakemichigan
) or the Associate Presbyter (