At its Stated Meeting on September 17, 2022, members of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan adopted the document, On Offering An Apology to African Americans for the Sin of Slavery and Its Legacy, which was approved at the 225th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A) in 2022. Members of the Presbytery and from communities within the bounds of the Presbytery who identify as African American or People of Color were invited as observers and to receive the Litany of Apology from White Christian of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan. The Presbytery unanimously passed the recommendation.

Responding on behalf of those receiving the Apology was the Rev. Terrence J. King of Kingdom Ministries/Cornerstone University and Ruling Elder Willye Bryan of First Presbyterian Church in Lansing, MI. Elder Bryan served as co-moderator of the Race and Gender Justice Committee (PCUSA 225 th GA). Rev. King said receiving the Apology was “. . . surreal, sobering, a divine moment that our Lord has given us as expressed in small steps of obedience to him.” He stated, “We accept your apology . . .”

Rev. Fran Lane-Lawrence reminded the Presbytery the Apology is, “Not as the culmination of a place where we have gone, but as a first step in repairing the damage that White people and White Christians have done to Black people and People of Color.” Words are easy. Doing is not.”

Below is the video recording of the apology and response.