The deadline is quickly approaching to submit 2021 Terms of Call reports for teaching elders within the Presbytery of Lake Michigan.

Each congregation is required to annually submit information about the compensation package provided to the teaching elder(s) serving their church.

Congregations with Installed Pastors

Those congregations with installed pastors should use a reporting form available on the presbytery’s website.

Congregations without Installed Pastors

Those congregations being served by an interim pastor, a contracted supply pastor or a Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE) should send a copy of the approved contract to

Reports should be submitted by Monday, May 1. Data will be compiled into an informational report scheduled for presentation to the presbytery during its June 8, 2021 Stated Meeting.

Terms of Call information for installed pastors may be reported via an online form by clicking here. This option will generate report that will be sent via email to both the person submitting the information and the presbytery’s office manager. The information also may be reported by downloading a .pdf file here and filling out the information. Save a copy of the completed form then email that file as an attachment to