Individuals seeking reimbursement from the Presbytery of Lake Michigan for mileage and other expenses should now use the 2021 Payment Voucher Form.

The form can be completed electronically then sent via email to the facilitator of the team, commission, committee or group for which the work was done. Any receipts or supporting documents can be sent as an attachment. After the facilitator or moderator approves the request, the reimbursement request form and supporting documents will be forwarded to the presbytery’s bookkeeper, Audrey Curry, at for processing and payment.

A copy of the new form may be found at in the “Presbytery Operations” section on the documents page, or by clicking below.

Previous payment voucher forms contain incorrect information and will no longer be accepted so please discard all previous versions in either electronic or paper form. If a request is submitted using an old form, the individual seeking reimbursement will be asked to complete a copy of the 2021 Payment Voucher Form.