A note from presbytery leaders about online giving:

Congregations benefit from providing opportunities for online giving. Historically, many of our members have placed their monies in the offering plate or sent their checks on a regular basis to their congregations. More recently some members have grown accustomed to electronic financial transactions. The COVID-19 induced limitations for in-person worship have enhanced the attractiveness of electronic giving. A few congregations have asked the Budget & Finance Committee or presbytery leaders for recommendations about online giving.

We recognize that there are many options. After conferring with leaders from other presbyteries and making our own evaluations, we strongly recommend congregations contact the Presbyterian Foundation for assistance in setting up online giving. The Foundation is most familiar with our needs and provides great service. There is an added benefit: If there are charges associated with the on-line processing, it makes sense that it goes to one of our ministries rather than to a purely commercial venture. 

In June, the Presbytery Foundation launched the online Church Financial Leadership Academy to help church leaders institute best financial practices, learn about new models of giving and stewardship, and offer ways to talk about money and form generous disciples. The courses can be completed at your own pace and shared with others. To access the free classes, visit churchfla.org and create an account using the registration code: PCUSA

Church leaders also may gain some ideas about “Framing Congregational Finances without Fear” in an article by Nancy Crowe for the Presbytery Foundation.  Visit the site below to read the article and link to a recorded conversation between the Rev. Dr. Lee Hinson-Hasty, the Foundation’s director of Theological Education Funds Development with the Presbyterian Foundation, and David King of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving at Indiana University, about congregational finances and how faith leaders can cultivate the joy, innovation, creativity and resilience needed to sustain them through COVID-19 and beyond.