Making sure that appropriate background checks are done on staff and volunteers is an important task in church operations.

Presbytery staff can help you order background checks on potential volunteer and employees, including pastors, using a subscription to Protect My Ministry. After a potential employee or volunteer completes an authorization and information form, simply submit it to the presbytery’s office manager at (A copy of the form is available below.)  

Usually, it takes only a few days for the background check results to be returned BUT many courts across the country have closed their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic and some are operating virtual office. These closures or adaptations mean there may be delays in getting background check reports returned within the normal time frames.

The best way, according to Protect My Ministry, to deal with the potential delays is to get in line now.

So, if you know a background check will be needed soon, get the needed information and signed authorization form from the potential candidate then submit it to the presbytery office so the background check can be ordered.