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The world needs good preaching . . . now more than ever so the Festival of Homiletics is moving online during the COVID-19 crisis. And, because there is no better time than our current crisis to learn how to “preach a new earth,” registration for the virtual conference is totally FREE!

More details about the event – scheduled May 18-22 – are at

Consider this recommendation from Rev. Karen Kelley, past moderator of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan:

Colleagues in ministry,

Some of you have attended the Festival of Homiletics before; many have not.

I’ve been twice and, for hearing good preaching and learning about preaching, it’s amazing.

Because of COVID-19, the live event had to be canceled.

Luther Seminary is making it available free, online this year. For $75, you can stream it on-demand instead of listening live, and have the ability to download it as well. Either way, it’s an incredible bargain!

Grace and peace,

Karen Kelley

The theme of this year’s festival is “Preaching a New Earth: Climate and Creation.”

Scripture’s first description of God is as creator. God brought the world into existence and all that makes up the world as we know it. But God realized that caring for creation could never be a sole endeavor. We are charged with that co-tending, and preachers are challenged with imagining and preaching about an ecological God. Our God is committed to and immersed in all the Earth provides, sustains, and yet, desires our help to bring the fullness of God’s creative work to bear. Our God needs our help to speak the truth about where and how God’s Earth groans for renewal, even resurrection, how our very climate changes are God’s cries for help. The 2020 Festival of Homiletics theme invites preachers to imagine their own role in God’s creative work, to be courageous in preaching about God’s creative activity, and to claim boldly our role in caring for God’s creation, when God’s very creation is at stake.