During the most recent webinar offered by Presbyterians for Earth Care, titled From Plastic Pollution to Environmental Justice, plastic was highlighted as a modern-day idol, with people often viewing it as a solution to various problems. However, the key to addressing issues like the plastics crisis lies not in idolizing technology, but in introspection and societal change. 

A resource called “Plastic Jesus: Real Faith in a Sinful World” offers insights into biblical teachings related to environmental issues. It includes sermon ideas and reflections on passages such as Exodus 32 and Psalm 23, prompting questions about our relationship with the Earth and our responsibilities as stewards. The resource also suggests practical actions, such as supporting legislative efforts like the REDUCE Act and engaging in community cleanups.

The PC(USA)  is actively discussing ways to address plastic pollution, including supporting overtures like “On Becoming Free from Plastic Pollution.” This initiative emphasizes education, reducing single-use plastics, and advocating for policy changes at various levels. Presbyterians for Earth Care encourages dialogue and education as initial steps toward meaningful action, highlighting the importance of collective efforts in caring for the environment and loving our neighbors.