Avery Arden, an autistic, gender-queer minister who is a board member of More Light Presbyterians and creator of the “Blessed Are the Binary Breakers” multifaith podcast of trans stories, brought the message and led an educational panel discussion at the September 16 Stated Meeting.

Their visit left an indelible mark on our community, fostering a sense of gratitude and warmth among those who had the privilege to worship and engage in a thoughtful conversation on transgender affirmation. Arden’s open-hearted approach and insightful presentation made everyone feel genuinely welcome, creating an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.

For those who may have missed Arden’s presentation or wish to revisit the materials, they have graciously provided valuable resources. These resources include a link to the PowerPoint used during the discussion, and a comprehensive Google document answering questions ranging from supporting trans loved ones to understanding the importance of full acceptance.

Additionally, there are resource lists covering transgender basics, including pronoun usage and political considerations, as well as Christian-specific resources related to trans theology and practical steps to make our faith community more welcoming.

Arden’s commitment to fostering dialogue and education extends beyond this visit. They encourage us to reach out with any questions at avery@mlp.org, and they are open to the possibility of virtual preaching or teaching in the future.

Furthermore, if you attended the class, Arden welcomes constructive criticism and reviews to continue improving their work. Let us embrace this opportunity to further our understanding and affirm our commitment to inclusivity and compassion as we continue our journey together.