Discover the beauty of the psalms anew with “Psalms of Wonder: Poems from the Book of Songs.” Authored by Carey Wallace and illustrated by Khoa Le, this captivating book from Flyaway Books seeks to reconnect readers to the musical essence of these songs of devotion. Wallace emphasizes that psalms are songs sung to God, yet over time, their music has often been lost in translation. Organized into sections like “Songs of Wonder,” “Songs of Courage,” and more, this book beautifully presents renderings of these timeless poems, reminding us of their melodic nature.

To nurture faith formation at home, the Presbyterian Mission Agency, in collaboration with the Presbyterian Publishing Corp., is offering a unique opportunity. Apply by October 15 for an opportunity  to receive ten free copies of “Psalms of Wonder,” in either English or Spanish. This initiative is particularly aimed at smaller congregations that might lack the budget for such resources. Spanish-speaking congregations will be prioritized for the Spanish version, but all are welcome to apply. Applications for the English version can be found here, and the Spanish version can be found here.

Additionally, the link to a downloadable guide for parents and caregivers will accompany the books.. Whether shared within worship communities or cherished as bedtime reading, “Psalms of Wonder” is a bridge to discussions, curiosity, and renewed spiritual connection.