Teaching elders and ruling elders are invited to join an online conversation with the presbytery’s Vital Congregations Initiative facilitators about how best to support congregations in their pastoral activities and ministry work.

The conversation is being planned as VCI facilitators follow up on a survey distributed in September to pastor leaders with congregations. The survey revealed priorities chosen by those who responded. Click below to read a summary of the survey results.

Three questions will be considered during the online conversation scheduled from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Wednesday, October 27 via Zoom.

  1. Where has your congregation experienced new life and vitality in the past 18 months?
  2. What needs to change in the system of the congregation in order for new life to abound?
  3. In what ways are you and elders willing to be engaged with the Presbytery of Lake Michigan and the Vital Congregations Initiative as your congregation works towards increased vitality?

Click below to register for the conversation. Link details will be sent to the address provided on the registration form.

This conversation will help VCI leaders flesh out more details about priorities and where we might be able to work together and find ways to collaborate. Additional conversations can be set up, as desired by those in attendance, to continue the discussion.

Anyone unable to attend the October 27 conversation should send a message to office@lakemichiganpresbytery.org to indicate their interest and availability for conversation at a different time.

Meanwhile, the VCI facilitators noted in the survey results that many people were interested in attending a pastors’ retreat. VCI leaders are starting to explore the possibility of holding such an event after the New Year, hopefully by mid-February. This would be a time for pastors to get away and share conversation about ministry in light of many new realities that have come about during COVID. There would be a social component for connecting with one another but the event also could include a learning component. More information will be distributed as details are determined.