Two study guides with ideas about connecting the three foci of the Matthew 25 initiative and the biblical passage on which it is based are among resources available online to help understand and integrate the initiative ideas.

The guide – “God with Us in Jesus: A Matthew 25 Bible Study” written by the Rev. Dr. David Gambrell, a worship associate in the Presbyterian Mission Agency – illustrates several different approaches to reading and interpreting Matthew 25:31-46.

It is complimented by a second study guide – “Bringing Matthew 25 into Focus” by the Rev. Dr. Barry Ensign-George, theology and worship coordinator – that approaches the question of how the Matthew 25 passage is connected to the church’s vision theologically.

Both guides help illustrate the three key goals of the Matthew 25 Initiative: building congregational vitality, dismantling structural racism and eradicating systemic poverty. Learn more about both guides here in a June 8, 2021, article published by Paul Seebeck of the Presbyterian News Service about resources available through the PC(USA) Office of Theology and Worship.

Presbytery of Lake Michigan members can learn more about the “Matthew 25: A Bold Vision & Invitation to Actively Engage in the World” during a keynote presentation by Elder Elona Street-Stewart, co-moderator of the 224th General Assembly of the PC(USA), during the September 18, 2021, Stated Meeting.

Then, during the December 7, 2021, Stated Meeting, presbytery members will discuss whether to formally join the Matthew 25 Initiative.

Meanwhile, those interested in learning more about the Matthew 25 Initiative will find a host of resources online at . The site includes printed and video materials, including Bible and video studies, worship resources and background materials related to the initiative and all three foci points.