Article by Rodger Nishioka – Presbyterian Church (USA)

“Conflict is inevitable,” writes the Rev. Dr. Rodger Nishioka in the March 15, 2021 edition of Regarding Ruling Elders. “The best leaders do not run away from conflict; rather they accept it and seek to understand and learn from it.”

For Discussion and Reflection:

  • A leader who leans in: What do they do? How can you emulate some of that?
  • A person with whom you are in conflict: How might you lean in?
  • What is God calling you to do and to be in this conflict? How are you praying for this person?

Click below to read more as Nishioka reflects about conflict in the essay, the third of a 12-part series focusing on PC(USA) leader formation as part of the “Year of Leader Formation: Investing Ruling Elders and Deacons.” Additional resources are available at