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  1. LEARN: CARES Act incentivizes 2020 charitable giving
  2. CONSIDER: Measuring the Quality of the Atmosphere to create partnerships
  3. AVAILABLE: Advent worship series from Synod of the Covenant
  4. ATTEND: Synod of the Covenant assembly meetings scheduled


LEARN: CARES Act incentivizes 2020 charitable giving


Posted November 12, 2020 
By Emily Enders Odom    |  Presbyterian News Service 


LOUISVILLE — When the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020, most Americans did not yet have year-end charitable giving on their mind.

Not only does the CARES Act provide “fast and direct economic assistance for American workers, families, and small businesses, and preserve jobs for our American industries,” according to a statement by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, but it also temporarily suspends limits on charitable contributions.

Many congregational members within our presbytery already have given some of the stimulus money they received earlier this year to their congregations or associated community ministries in addition to their regular gifts. Others wait until the end of the year to make their gifts. This information can help all be generous and wise givers.

For complete information, visit the relevant page of the IRS’s website. Also consider consulting your tax adviser.

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CONSIDER: Measuring the Quality of the Atmosphere to create partnerships

Posted November 16, 2020  
By Rev. Ryan Landino    |  Special contribution to re:RE 


How might “Measuring the Quality of Atmosphere” enable congregations to engage more young people? That’s the question the Rev. Ryan Landino considers in the most recent Regarding Ruling Elders: A Monthly Series for Serving Faithfully.

One of the questions I hear most often from ruling elders is “Where are all the young people?” Within that, I hear lament, loss, and grief. These are healthy emotions. At the same time, it usually is not long before the conversation becomes “Young people just don’t make church a priority!” In that, I hear the less healthy feelings of disappointment, blame, and contempt.

As a presbytery leader who is also a millennial, it is surprising how often people express to me how much my generation has let down the church. And yet, younger people have the same unmet needs as so many others: shared meaning, effortless belonging, and the opportunity to make an impact on the world together. Like canaries dropping in a toxic mine, maybe it is not the fragility of their lungs that is worth naming so much as the quality of the atmosphere.

Click below to read more of Rev. Landino’s column, including four suggested steps to creating partnerships with young people.

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AVAILABLE: Advent worship series from Synod of the Covenant


Pastors, worship leaders, musicians and tech gurus have worked hard this year to create and offer meaningful worship services during the pandemics. To provide these leaders a bit of Sabbath, the Synod of the Covenant is offering virtual worship services that can be used throughout Advent.

The first service for Christ the King Sunday, November 22, is presented by the Scioto Valley Presbytery. Links to the sermon and scripture files are available by clicking below.

Leaders from the Synod and other presbyteries are preparing the special virtual services for each Sunday through December 27, the first Sunday after Christmas. The files for each service will be posted at least three days before its scheduled use at

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ATTEND: Synod of the Covenant assembly meetings scheduled


Two assembly meetings are scheduled by the Synod of the Covenant during the next two months.

The first meeting is set for 1 p.m. Friday, December 4, via Zoom. This assembly is a meeting of the Administrative Commission for the Synod. Anyone is welcome to attend. The meeting will provide a good opportunity for Synod commissioners to observe an assembly meeting and become familiar with the business before the Synod.

The second assembly is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, January 7, via Zoom. This assembly is an orientation and training for long-time and new Synod commissioners. Also during this meeting, the commissioners from each presbytery will present mission stories from their regions.

To register for the meetings, send a message to Sharon Moore, the Synod’s Stated Clerk, at

Documents for past and upcoming meetings are available by clicking here.

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