The “Around the Table” initiative, led by the Office of Christian Formation, empowers church leaders to nurture faith at home and transform faith communities. Through coached cohorts, faith communities can become thriving, intergenerational groups that integrate Christian faith into daily life. Two unique opportunities are launching this fall; test cohorts and grandparent cohorts!

Test Cohorts: These 3-6 online groups include diverse faith leaders and grandparents, focusing on Five Faith Practices to evaluate future program materials.

Grandparent Cohorts: These groups consist of grandparents who wish to share and learn how others explore faith with their grandchildren.

The cohort sessions are led by a trained coach via zoom and are free of charge. They will meet online for 90 minutes, 6 times between October 2024 – May 2025. The deadline to apply for cohorts is May 31, 2024

Please email, for more information.