As the season for volunteer work trips gains momentum, groups affiliated with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) are gearing up to spread love and compassion through rebuilding projects in communities affected by disasters. These trips, often organized by churches and other partners of PDA, serve as a tangible expression of solidarity and support for those in need. To aid groups in their planning efforts, PDA has developed a comprehensive how-to guide, available for free download, offering assistance with various aspects of trip planning.

The Work Trip Planning Guide, crafted in collaboration with PDA Host Site Coordinators and the National Response Team Hosting Ministry Team, covers essential topics such as site selection, financial planning, and establishing work partnerships. Additionally, it provides devotional resources and contact information for further inquiries. 

With the peak season for volunteer trips spanning from March to August, the guide aims to equip both seasoned leaders and newcomers with the necessary tools to navigate the planning process effectively.