In a heartfelt letter to the editor, Rev. Sheth LaRue of FPC Benton Harbor extends a powerful message of love and acceptance to the LGBTQIA2+ community within the Adventist and Berrien County communities.

Referencing Matthew 7:15, Rev. LaRue urges readers to discern the truth amidst voices that may seek to undermine the God-given identity of individuals within the LGBTQIA2+ spectrum. He passionately affirms the inherent goodness of each person, emphasizing their worth as a vital part of God’s diverse creation.

Rev. LaRue challenges harmful stereotypes and teachings that portray LGBTQIA2+ individuals as living in sin or confusion. He reassures them that they are not bound by these falsehoods but are instead free from guilt and shame, embraced by the inclusive love of God.

In a world too often marked by division and discrimination, his message resonates as a call to embrace diversity and foster an inclusive community where all are valued and celebrated.