Since the early 1980s, our Presbytery has cultivated a partnership with the Nueva Guinea Pastoral Committee, a group based in the small village of Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua. Supported by the organization CEPAD, these partnerships aim to address various community needs such as hunger, injustice, and empowerment initiatives for women and youth, as well as pastoral training and care.

Due to logistical challenges and political instability, our ability to travel to Nicaragua has been restricted for several years. However, recent improvements in conditions have enabled us to renew our delegation travels to the region. While in Nicaragua, our plans include reestablishing connections with our CEPAD partners, evaluating ongoing programs, visiting a CEPAD elementary school in Managua, exploring Nueva Guinea, and observing various CEPAD projects in remote villages like Patio Farms. Additionally, we aim to install residential water purification units in select homes and take a day for rest and relaxation to explore local sights and markets.

Scholarship funds will be available to assist with travel expenses. If you or someone you know is interested in joining us on this journey, please reach out to Ward Wilson at 517-414-6099 or via email at If you have any questions regarding the trip, feel free to contact Ward directly.