The Presbyterian Church (USA)  unwaveringly supports the rights of Palestinians to live freely in their land without occupation, aggression, or bloodshed. Simultaneously, the church upholds Israel’s right to exist as a free and sovereign nation. Recognizing the significant damage caused by Hamas to Israeli towns and the devastating impact of Israeli bombings on Gaza, including the loss of shelter, adequate food, water, and necessities, the church calls for urgent action.

In the face of the crisis, the Presbyterian Church (USA)  urges the Israeli government to extend the same freedom to the Palestinian people that they afford to their own citizens. The church also calls upon Hamas to release hostages and refrain from further violence. Emphasizing the universal unacceptability of the atrocities of war, the church highlights the importance of upholding human rights, irrespective of differing perspectives.

PC(USA)  has developed a wealth of resources, policies, and historical perspectives to aid individuals, churches, and mid-councils in understanding and reflecting on the Israel-Palestine conflict. These tools are meant to guide prayerful consideration and provide a framework for comprehending the nuances of the situation.

 While acknowledging the power of prayer, the Presbyterian response to the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine emphasizes the need for tangible humanitarian assistance and support for partners in the region. This support encompasses crucial interventions such as medical supplies, shelter, water, sanitation, hygiene, food, non-food items, and essential psychosocial support for individuals affected by the conflict.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is at the forefront of crisis response and recovery efforts in Palestine. Support Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s crisis response and recovery efforts in Israel/Palestine here.