As we reflect on the past couple of years, the Racial Equity Cohort has journeyed alongside you, raising awareness and cultivating a vision for a future free from systemic racism. Now, the question before us is: How do we transform concern into tangible actions within our congregations? As we embark on a new year, the Racial Equity Cohort invites you to join us in this crucial endeavor.

The Vision:

Our aspiration is that every church congregation in the Presbytery of Lake Michigan actively participates in collaborative efforts with their communities to foster racial equity. Recognizing the unique contexts of each congregation, we envision tailored initiatives that address local challenges.

  • One congregation might collaborate with a healthcare organization to reduce missed appointments.
  • Another might volunteer with a local bail bond fund.
  • A different congregation might sponsor a community event aimed at destigmatizing mental health care.
  • Some may forge supportive relationships with local Black churches.
  • Others may strive to develop and adopt antiracism policies in their bylaws, publicly affirming their commitment.
  • And many other possibilities to discover.

Our Objectives for the Year:

  1. Recruit a dedicated member for the Racial Equity Cohort from each congregation.
  2. Educate ourselves about effective local actions promoting racial equity that can serve as models.
  3. Explore needs and opportunities for racial equity work within our own communities.
  4. Share insights within the Racial Equity Cohort to generate ideas and collective learning.
  5. Discern actionable steps and/or partnerships for the congregation of each cohort member that they can present as recommendations to their Session.
  6. With Session approval, cohort members recruit a team and initiate concrete actions.
  7. Cohort members receive ongoing support and inspiration from the Racial Equity Cohort.
  8. Collaboratively work towards tangible improvements in racial equity within the Presbytery of Lake Michigan, both in our churches and communities.

If you are interested in joining the Racial Equity Cohort, please contact Jeanette Holton at