Congregations within the Presbytery of Lake Michigan will receive expanded access to resources through a sponsored digital subscription to The Presbyterian Outlook.

For several years, the presbytery has sponsored a subscription to The Presbyterian Outlook — a monthly publication with news articles, worship resources, commentary, and reviews – for each congregation. The subscription included a digital copy of the publication sent via a monthly email to each congregation.

By the end of August, the subscription will also include access to archived editions and unique online resources posted by the publication at

In order to access the expanded online resources from the Presbyterian Outlook, someone with each congregation will need to establish a new account. Those with existing accounts will need to establish new accounts as well. Instructions about how to establish that account will be sent via email by The Presbyterian Outlook staff to an email provided by the presbytery for each congregation.

Once the account is established, congregational leaders will receive a monthly email promoting the new issue and providing a link to access the digital version. Users also may log into the publication’s online site at any time, using the account information to bypass the paywall and access archived content and special online-only resources.

Please contact the presbytery’s office manager at (269) 381-6337 ext. 3 or with questions about the sponsored subscription that is being funded with shared mission and per capita funds.