Picture from https://www.organizewmi.com/

Westminster Presbyterian Church of Grand Rapids and their work with Together West Michigan has been featured in an article of Presbyterians Today.

The article, “PC(USA) churches are changing the world” by Sherry Blackman, asks “How does our faith make a difference in the life of the world? How does it address systemic issues for real change?”

Westminster Presbyterian Church has joined ranks with other churches and organizations through the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF).

Together West Michigan, affiliated with IAF, is comprised of 20-plus organizations seeking to create lasting change in the greater Grand Rapids area. Their focus is on building relationships and encouraging people and institutions to come together to make change by addressing six main issues; housing, transportation, mental health, safety, the well-being of immigrants and refugees, and children.

Follow the link below to read the full article about Westminster’s work with Together West Michigan and the other good work of churches in other parts of the country.