The Stated Meeting was hosted by the Spring Lake Presbyterian Church.  Commissioners gathered in person were treated to a pig roast, with vegan offerings, as a gift from this congregation.  Other highlights of the meeting included:


  • Reflections on Matthew 5:1-14
    by Joshua Banner, Spiritual Director and Founder -The Invitation Center
  • Celebration of the Lord’s Supper
    Rev. Dan Anderson and elders from Spring Lake Presbyterian

Response to the Word

  • Matthew 25 Vision Connection led by Rev. Fran Lane-Lawrence
  • Adoption of RGJ-08
    On Offering an Apology to African Americans for the Sin of Slavery and Its Legacy
  • Acceptance of Apology by African American Representatives Present at the Meeting
  • Receipt of gifts for the PC(USA) “Hands and Feet Initiative”


  • Of 50 years of Ordained service by Rev. Mark Pawlowski and Rev. Doug Peterson


  • The First Read of the 2023 Budget and accompanying documents

  • Process and Timelines for input on First Read of Budget

  • Dates and Process for Educational Forums for Church Treasurers and Administrators

  • Report from Synod of the Covenant by Rev. Chip Hardwick, Synod Executive

  • Reports from Commissioners to General Assembly
    Elder Willye Bryan, Rev. Peggy Casteel-Huston Rev. Scott Crane


  • Consent Agenda

  • 2023 Presbytery Per Capita of $26.00

  • The status of Honorably Retired be conferred on the Rev. Scott Paul-Bonham

  • Minimum Terms of Call for 2023
    $41,836 with Manse and Utilities
    $54,408 with Housing Allowance


  • Moderator of the Presbytery for 2023
    Elder Paul Karsten, GR Westminster

  • Vice Moderator of the Presbytery for 2023
    Rev. Gail Monsma, Paw Paw

  • Moderator for Leadership Team for 2023
    Rev. Christine Barnes 

  • Nomination/Representation Committee 2022  (Filling vacated term)
    Rev. Ruth Lowry, Plainwell

  • Commission on Preparation for Ministry (2023)
    Rev. Bill Pinches

  • Stated Clerk of Presbytery of Lake Michigan (Term corresponds to service as Executive Presbyter)
    Rev. Fran Lane-Lawrence

*Communications related to above will be included in the e-Digest, and/or targeted email communication with Session Clerks, pastors, Treasurers, and others.