Preparations continue to draft the 2023 proposed budget as teams, commissions, committees and groups within the Presbytery of Lake Michigan are asked to submit MAPs by Friday, June 17, 2022.

Each submitted Ministry Action Plan (MAP) provides Budget & Finance Committee members with a snapshot of what that team, commission, committee and group within the presbytery does and how its work fulfills the core values, mission, vision and goals of the presbytery.

Completing a MAP form helps groups to identify outcomes achieved, challenges faced, and opportunities encountered during the past year AND name specific, action-oriented goals for 2023 and estimates of what funds are needed to reach those goals

 A copy of the MAP is being distributed with this communication.

An email explaining how to complete and submit a MAP already was sent to the moderator or leader of every group who received funding in the 2022 presbytery budget. This includes groups like the Commission on Ministry, the Commission the Preparation for Ministry, the Nominating & Representation Committee and the Youth Strategies Committee.

This year, congregations that seek funding within the presbytery budget for a local and/ or regional project that fulfills the presbytery’s core values, mission, vision and goals may submit a completed MAP. This is optional and not a requirement for congregations. Congregations submitting a MAP should substitute the  name of the congregation for the team name on page 3 of the MAP and proceed to describe the contemplated ministry project for which support is being solicited. Contact the presbytery’s office manager, Sharon Carper, at or the Budget & Finance Committee moderator, Elder Sam O’Neill, at for more information or help completing the form.


All completed MAPs must be submitted via email to the presbytery’s bookkeeper, Audrey Curry, at by Friday, June 17, 2022.


Information gathered from the MAPs will be considered  — along with feedback gathered during the Mission & Ministry Priorities Conversation held earlier this spring – as the Budget & Finance Committee members work through July to prioritize funding requests and begin drafting the 2023 proposed budget. 

Budget & Finance Committee members, in concert with the Leadership Team, plan to present the first read of the proposed 2023 budget during the Saturday, September 17, 2022 Stated Meeting.

Feedback about the 2023 proposed budget then will be accepted via email through October 15, 2022. More details will be provided later. That feedback will be considered as the Budget & Finance Committee prepares a second read of the 2023 budget to present for approval during the December 6, 2022 Stated Meeting.

Questions or additional information about how the 2023 proposed budget is being developed may be directed to Budget & Finance Committee moderator, Elder Sam O’Neill, at