A few copies of the 2021-22 PC(USA) planning calendar and printed copies of the current Book of Order are available for a reduced price.

The items are left from a bulk order that the Presbytery of Lake Michigan placed last fall.

The planning calendars are available for $10 each while the Books of Order are available for $11 per copy. The price includes the cost of having the copies shipped to you.

(For comparison, a single copy of the planning calendar ordered from the PC(USA) store is $16.95 plus shipping and a single copy of the Book of Order is $10 plus shipping.)

The extra copies are available on a first come, first served basis to churches and individuals who submit a request via an online order form. Anyone placing an order for the extra copies will receive an email confirmation that that calendar(s) and/or book(s) of order are still available.

Please note that since there were no amendments made to the Book of Order during 2020 General Assembly, PC(USA) decided to reissue the 2019-23 Book of Order so there is no need to get an updated copy if you have one already. 

Also, for those willing to print their own copies of the 322-page document, you can order a free .pdf version available for from the PC(USA) Store. It is product number OGA19010. Congregational leaders may find a copy of the .pdf file in the password-protected Presbytery Records folder on our Google drive.

Questions about the bulk order — or accessing the Presbytery Records folder — may be directed to office@lakemichiganpresybtery.org.