Employees should make sure they identify what insurance and benefits coverage they want during 2022 by completing the Board of Pensions open enrollment process by Friday, November 12.

Before that date, employees should log on to Benefits Connect to review the benefits being offered to them by the employing congregation or group and the related costs and then make changes to best meet their family’s needs during the next year.

The open enrollment period began October 25 and provides employees a period during which they can

  • Review the benefits available to them during 2022 and the related costs;
  • Add or remove eligible family members from coverage;
  • Enroll for benefits and/or make changes to the current coverage, and
  • Review and update beneficiaries and/or personal information.

After annual enrollment ends, employees won’t have another chance to elect benefits or make changes for 2022, unless they have a qualifying life event.

Click here to find more about the health plan, financial protection programs, tax-advantaged accounts and retirement programs offered by the Board of Pensions, and here to find a list of frequently asked questions about the open enrollment process.

Questions about the features of any benefit, how to use Benefits Connect or the annual enrollment process should be directed to the Board of Pensions at (800)773-7752 between 8:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Questions about the specific benefits available to an employee or the costs should be directed to the employer.