Members of the Commission on Ministry met October 5, 2021 to review and recommend the 2022 Minimum Terms of Call for the Presbytery of Lake Michigan.

The commission reviewed the process for determining minimum terms and found it continues to be a fair and accurate process.

The Commission on Ministry will recommend to the Presbytery that 2022 Minimum Terms of Call be established at:

$37,446 plus free use of the manse and payment of actual utilities by the church


  $48,700 combined salary and allowance for housing and utilities.

The compensation package also must include full participation in the Benefits Plan. See the attached file for the Commission on Ministry policy regarding minimum terms of call.

These numbers should serve as the guideline as congregational leaders determine clergy staff salaries and increases. It is an increase of 3.68 percent.

Questions about the 2022 Minimum Terms of Call – and how they were established – should be directed to the Rev. Dr. Troy Hauser Brydon, moderator of the Commission on Ministry, via a message to