The deadline is quickly approaching to submit documents and information to help Presbytery of Lake Michigan leaders draft the 2022 budget.

Facilitators, moderators and leaders of the various presbytery teams, commissions, committee and groups received information in early May about completing a Ministry Action Plan, or MAP, that includes specific action-oriented goals for 2022 and estimates of what funds are needed to achieve these goals.

Completed MAP forms and budget requests should be submitted by Tuesday, June 14, 2021 to bookkeeper Audrey Curry at

Gathering information to complete the MAP document helps each team, commission, committee and group define goals and how that work fulfills the core values, mission and vision of the presbytery. The process also helps each entity identify outcomes achieved, challenges faced and opportunities gained in the past year.

Facilitators of the presbytery’s Administration & Support, Congregational Support, Dynamic Leaders, and Mission & Outreach teams will use the MAP documents to help the Budget & Finance Committee members draft the 2022 budget.

Questions about the overall budget drafting process should be directed to the B&F Committee moderator, Sam O’Neill, at