Available mental health resource from PC(USA) for free download

This pandemic year has brought extraordinary challenges. Many are concerned about their mental health for the first time. Others have experienced increased symptoms or relapse. For millions, this pandemic has come on top of layers of chronic stress, trauma, and grief from facing systemic racism and brought with it a disproportionate risk of dying from COVID or from an act of racial violence. The pandemic has highlighted the serious mental health implications of economic insecurity and poverty.

Mental Health Month invites us to talk openly about mental health, to destigmatize mental health challenges, and to educate and equip ourselves and our communities for the long-haul.

To help, the PC(USA) Office of Mental Health Ministry, working in partnership with the Presbyterian Mental Health Network, is encouraging churches during May to emphasize the importance of mental health. The effort is highlighted in an online article by Darla Carter of the Presbyterian News Service published May 6, 2021.

The ministry has posted a downloadable PDF online to help clergy and other church leaders inform and education congregations about mental health during this phase of the pandemic.  The document includes links to: