Why a new website design?

The Presbytery of Lake Michigan staff felt the old website was cumbersome and needed a website facelift.  We wanted to make information easier to find and more accessible no matter what devices you’re using (computer, tablet or smartphone). Our goal is to make the website a more user friendly and functional tool that will enable people to find any information they are looking for – any presbytery or church related resources. 

Over the weekend, we did a soft launch of the website.

What is a soft launch?

It’s a pre-launch of the website. It’s live but it is a work in process as we collect feedback and make tweaks to the design, content and organization of the website. 

We want to hear from you!

Go to the website and look around. See if you can find the usual things like the Documents page, Presbytery Meeting and the Contact page. Fill out the survey below to help the tech team gather intel on what’s working and not working.