Clerks of Session
Ministers of the Word and Sacraments
Siblings in Jesus Christ,

Grace to you and peace.

The Committee on Nominations and Representation is asking for your help.

We recognize that the demands and anxiety of the past eight months tend to make all of us more focused on individual, family, or congregational needs.  In our connectional Presbyterian system we depend on each other for assistance, help and coping resources.  Those come to life through the structure of our Presbytery.

The Committee on Nominations and Representation looks for persons with the following qualities:

  • Knowledgeable regarding the functions of the presbytery,
  • Ability to think critically and with discernment,
  • Theologically and organizationally perceptive,
  • Hopeful, optimistic, flexible, and collaborative with big picture orientation,
  • Good communication and active listening skills, and
  • Detail oriented and committed to follow through

Increased use of technology allows the presbytery to honor the time we are asking from potential nominees.

Currently, the Committee is looking for two nominees for At-Large Positions on the 2021 Leadership Team.  Preference would be given to ruling elder nominees to assist in achieving balance.

The Committee is also looking present nominees to serve on the Commission on Ministry: 

  • The Eastern Region has three Ruling Elder positions to fill.
  • The Northern Region has two Ruling Elder and two Teaching Elder positions to fill.
  • The Southwest Region has three Ruling Elder and One Teaching Elder positions to fill.

The Committee wishes to present nominations for each of these positions to the December 1, 2020 Stated Meeting. To meet deadlines for materials to be presented, we are asking you to submit your suggestions by noon on Tuesday, November 12, 2020.  Please send the name, a short statement of qualifications, and contact information for each nominee to the Moderator of the Nominations and Representation Committee, the Rev. Nelson Lumm, at   

Thank you for your participation in the life of our Presbytery.


The Committee on Nominations and Representation