Decisions to set the presbytery’s 2021 per capita rate at $23.00 per person and to define the minimum terms of call for new pastors were made at the Presbytery of Lake Michigan’s September 19, 2020 Stated Meeting.

Per Capita Rate

The total 2021 per capita rate is $35.23 per person. That rate includes $8.98 for the Office of the General Assembly, $3.25 for the Synod of the Covenant and $23.00 for the presbytery. Click below for a summary sheet with the 2021 per capita rate plus a summary of what the annual rate was in previous years.

Minimum Terms of Call

The 2021 minimum terms of call was set at $36,115 plus free use of the manse and payment of actual utilities by the church OR $46,970 combined salary and allowance for housing and utilities. The compensation package also must include full participation in the Benefits Plan. See the attached file for the Commission on Ministry policy regarding minimum terms of call.