Prayer Requests

  • As our members continue to adapt to ongoing changes in our village and in our culture. We, like many small churches, continue seeking opportunities to minister to our community despite an aging and declining culture.
  • For several families whose loved ones have gone into the nearer presence of the Lord during the pandemic and have not had opportunity to formally gather and grieve. 
  • For continued ways of reaching out to members, friends and community through various media. 
  • For wisdom and discernment as we embark, with others in the Presbytery, to learn about Vital Congregations in hopes of being transformed. 
  • For our ongoing outreach through the Food Pantry, Knitting for Jesus, Care Calls and other programs.  



In 1846, Congregational services were conducted by the Reverend Joseph Smith in the home of one of Windsor Township’s earliest residents, Nathan Pray. In 1875, nineteen years after the town of Dimondale was platted around the mills of Isaac Dimond, the Congregationalists and the Presbyterians jointly built this structure. The community’s first church, it was formally purchased by the Presbyterians in 1877.

Today, the First Presbyterian Church of Dimondale continues to be at the center of the community with a variety of mission and outreach efforts, including:


  • Food Pantry Ministry, which is operated in partnership with the Dimondale United Methodist Church
  • Knitting Outreach, which has distributed items locally and in Lansing. They also worked with Nourished Hearts earlier in 2020 to send items to orphans in Ukraine.
  • Church Bells in the Village Bazaar, which is held each year to raise funds. (An alternative event may be held this year due to the pandemic.)
  • Community activities like the Memorial Day parade, service of remembrance and barbecue chicken dinner. 


Keep in touch with us!


162 North Bridge Street, PO Box 357
Dimondale, MI 48821

Phone: (517) 646-6183
Pastor: Rev. Scott Crane


Each week, the Presbytery of Lake Michigan lifts up one of our faith communities in prayer as part of our mission in Christ. Please share information about this community and their prayer petitions in your church so we can help bring each other closer to God.

Congregations and ministries within the presbytery are invited on a rotating basis to submit information for the Prayers for Churches profile. Thank you for providing information for these special communications.