Updates about changes happening within the Synod of the Covenant now are being distributed in various ways, including an updated website and an electronic newsletter that recently included these thoughts from the Synod’s interim executive, the Rev. Dr. Charles B. Hardwick.

For my devotions right now, I’m reading through the book of Ezra, where the people of Israel return from exile in order to re-establish their life in the Promised Land. Members of every tribe come home to find the temple in great disrepair, and together they work hard to make it a fruitful place of ministry again. Their emotions were in turmoil, with some weeping and some shouting with joy as the foundation is laid once again.

At the Synod of the Covenant, we are working to re-establish ourselves as a fruitful place of ministry.  Like the Israelite tribes, faithful people from all eleven presbyteries are joining in the process of reconstruction—including many of you who are reading this newsletter. My emotions swing wildly as I discover and work to resolve new challenges every week. Thank you for your work, and for your prayers.

Other items mentioned by Rev. Hardwick include:

 Grants and scholarships totaling $85,000 that the Synod plans to award in 2020. Click here for application details about the Higher Education Scholarships (due 8/31/20);  COVID Emergency Need Grants for Higher Education Students (due 12/4/20); New Covenant Grants (due 10/1/20); and Racial Ethnic Program Grants (due 10/1/20).

How to access information about the General Assembly Administrative Commission, now acting as the Synod of the Covenant, and its meetings. Click below to find that information.