Engage with Board of Pensions educators to learn about topics important to your well-being through Board University webinars. Each webinar covers a topic in one of four topics – spiritual, health, financial or vocational well-being.

Each live webinar is offered free to employers and members (including pastors, church workers and employees of PC (USA)-affiliated employers) who participate in the benefits plan. Each webinar last about an hour. Attendees are awarded 50 Call to Health points. Find registration information below.

Upcoming webinars include:

  • Understanding Survival Patterns in Response to Stress – 2 p.m. (ET) Thursday, July 23.  Participants will explore how we each develop a dominant survival pattern when our stress response of fight, flight, freeze or submit is triggered, and helpful ways to respond to and support each pattern.
  • Understanding Medicare – Thursday, August 27.
  • Just Compensation: Closing the Gender Gap – Thursday, September 24.
  • The Power of Story: Using Story as the Basis for Aging Well – Tuesday, October 13.
  • College Funding – Tuesday, October 27.
  • Having the Talk with Your Parents: Addressing Changes to Health and Care Needs – Tuesday, November 10.