A note from the Rev. Dr. Charles (Chip) Hardwick, transition executive of the Synod of the Covenant:

All of you who plan and lead worship services have been so inspiring since the pandemic began. You have met the challenge of coordinating worship that is meaningful in such an uncertain time, of navigating new technology, and of deciding the best format in your particular context. More recently you have worked to address the issues of racial justice that are all around us. 

The Synod of the Covenant (which includes the Presbytery of Lake Michigan) wants to offer you pastors and worship leaders a Sabbath from worship preparation and leadership in recognition of your faithful ministry.

I am coordinating a service based on Romans 6:12-23, one of the lectionary passages for June 28. You’ll be able to download the worship service as either the whole service (which will involve liturgists from throughout the Synod), or just the scripture and sermon.  You could use this service on June 28 or any time after that. A link to the service materials will be forwarded as soon as the items are available.

Of course, there is no requirement to use the service! The Synod is offering it with hopes that many of our churches will receive it as a gift to give you a Sabbath Sunday. 

 For more information, contact Chip at synod.covenant@gmail.com or 309-530-4578.