Lots of people are doing lots of things around the Presbytery of Lake Michigan as we continue to move through the current pandemic. Here’s a glimpse of an encouraging thought, inspirational devotion or worship activity, fun event or some other noteworthy happening in our world.

From an email that Brian Koon, co-convener of the presbytery’s Youth Strategies Committee, sent:


The Presbytery Youth Strategy Committee (YSC) is interested in sponsoring a virtual event this summer sometime after June 17 for the youth at the churches in our presbytery. The plan is for a one-day event that would last for at least an hour or so. It is an opportunity for relationship building and renewing relationships among our youth.

Because of the uncertain coronavirus pandemic environment this summer, the decision was not to have an “in-person” event but rather do something virtual.

For preparation and planning purposes, the YSC is asking the youth leader(s) at your church to contact your youth and ask them these two questions:

* What is their preference — a guided/lead event or just general conversation among themselves?

* What virtual platform (s) do they use or are familiar with (e.g., Instagram, Google meets, YouTube, Zoom, etc.)?

Please share the gathered information with Brian Koon via an email to b.koon@comcast.net

The Youth Strategies Committee meets monthly to plan things like attendance at the Youth Triennium, trips to the Montreat Youth Conference, and service and worship during the annual Urban Plunge event. How might they help support the youth in your congregation and community?