Planning worship and congregational activities requires time and energy and inspiration. One national group – with a connection to a presbytery member – is making materials available this week during a modified “conference” on Facebook.

From the daily e-newsletter distributed by Eastminster Presbyterian Church in East Lansing:

The Arts, Recreation & Worship (ARW) Conference is no longer happening in person so they are sharing resources on their Facebook page and website. Image Source: ARW

The Arts, Recreation & Worship (ARW) Conference is a continuing education event held annually at Montreat, one of the PC (USA) national conference centers. The conference is for church professionals, leaders and volunteers, and is filled with some of the most creative people in the wider church. The in-person experience is described as living inside Pinterest for a week.

Our Director of Christian Education, Neil Myer, attended the conference for 17 years in a row, taught several workshops through the years and directed the conference twice.

The event was to be held this week (May 4-8) but is not happening in person so the leadership has organized a week of at-home resource sharing that includes games, music, crafts, snacks and worship. You can like the re:create page on Facebook and find additional resources – plus a schedule for this week – at

Check it out for a tiny sample of what energy, intelligence, imagination, and love looks like when brought to life in conference form.

How is your congregation or group getting creative to engage people with on-line activities and events?