Work in ministry can be isolating all on its own, but now because of COVID-19 we are being asked to limit our interactions and, in many cases, shelter in place. 

As always, we encourage good self-care, which we realize is difficult when things are normal and going well. 

We want to remind you that within the bounds of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan we have a number individuals who are certified in providing spiritual direction.  We have been in touch with each of them, and they are able and willing to have conversation with you via ZOOM, FaceTime or phone should you wish. 

Please contact the presbytery office ( for the name of one of our spiritual directors.  If you already have a spiritual director, we encourage you to keep in regular contact her/him as another way to participate in self-care.  As always, we are here should you should you need us.  Stay safe. Stay well.

Fran and Cal
Transitional Co-Leaders of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan