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This week the First Presbyterian Church – Kalamazoo would like prayers for …

1. Continued energy and creativity as we live into this next phase of what it means to be the Church in our community and in our world.

2. Discernment about the best ways to use the resources we have and to grow in faith, love, and service within our congregation and our community.

3. The group of folks from our congregation who will be traveling on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in a few weeks’ time – for a safe and meaningful experience in Israel and Palestine.

We give thanks to God for a sense of joy and energy throughout this season! We are grateful for the many ways in which we live and learn and serve together – from newly active small group ministries to long-standing fellowship, service, and study groups. We lift with joy the continued growth of our ministries to children and youth. In this joyous season, we are especially grateful for the gift of our music ministry and the ways in which the music of worship lifts our hearts in praise of our God. And, as always we are grateful for the opportunity to live our faith as a sanctuary in the city through our Celebrate the Vision community outreach program, our new partnership with KRESA Head Start, our long-standing partnership with Edison Elementary School, and our many other outreach partnerships.