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This week North Kent Presbyterian Church would like prayers for…

1. for all of the people who are grieving during this Advent season and those who are worried about their finances. Not everyone is merry and bright. God, help us to bring good news and comfort to all.  We pray that our winter warmth tree will be filled again to warm the bodies of those who are cold.

2. for the Northern part of Kent County as we seek to help establish a Family Promise program here.  This program allows homeless families to shelter overnight in local churches. We pray that more churches here in our community will answer this call and that this program will begin in 2019.

3. for all of those who are struggling to become the master of their addiction rather than allow it to master them. We pray for the AA groups that meet in our building and everywhere.  We pray for all those who are healing in body, mind or spirit. Be present with them, Lord, and give them your comfort and strength.

4. for all communities, and especially our own who are working on cleaning up the PFAS in our water supply.  Help us to care for our land and to be good stewards of our environments.

5. for the annual cookie walk fundraiser that plenty of funds will be raised for missions. Use our ovens, our time, ingredients, skills and our love to feed and care for our neighbors.

6. for our young families, especially those whose children come to our preschool playgroup on Mondays. May they know the love of Christ.  We pray for all of our Youth and children that they will be safe in their schools and classrooms.

7. for safe travels, for those who fly to the south and for those who return. We pray for the immigrant families who come among us seeking a home. Open our hearts in hospitality to those who are strangers to us.

8. earnestly for Camp Greenwood that they will thrive and also be able to raise the funds to purchase the camp property in three years.

9. that our message to the world this Advent of HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE will be made real in our actions and not just be hypocrisy on our lips. God help us to truly live and not just believe the message of the Christ Child come to earth.