STANDING OUR HOLY GROUND: Free webinar series explores gun violence

Standing Our Holy Ground is a year-long webinar series that challenges the faith community to stand up against the epidemic of gun violence and explores the ways in which people of faith and the communities to which they belong can respond and act to bring about the change.

The next webinar in the series, organized by the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, is slated for 3 p.m. (EDT) Thursday, April 30, and is titled “Get Your Guns: Why American Buy Firearms in Times of Pandemic.” Register here for the program that features Laurie Kraus, director of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and Robert Hoggard, a pastor in Rochester, NY.

At-Home Tip:

Learn by watching! This is the thirteenth of 15 webinars held during the year-long series that kicked off during the Youth Triennium last summer and is supported by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and Presbyterian Mission Agency.

Previous events were recorded and posted – along with study guides and suggestions about how to start conversations about gun violence – at Other topics already considered during the series include:

  • Young People and Campuses Stand up to Gun Violence
  • The Ripple Effects of Gun Violence in Urban Contexts
  • The Theological Ground of Our Gun Violence Polices
  • The Mental Health Myth: The Role of Mental Health in Gun Violence and How the Media Often Gets It Wrong – Part 1
  • The Mental Health Myth: The Role of Mental Health in Gun Violence and How the Media Often Gets It Wrong – Part 1
  • What Churches Can Do to Address Gun Violence: Active and Creative Strategies
  • The Impact of Gun Violence on LBGTQ+ Communities
  • How to Talk about Gun Violence in Your Church
  • Behind the Bullet – The Aftermath of Gun Violence from the Shooter’s Perspective
  • Law Enforcement Stands Up to Gun Violence
  • The Racial Divide in Gun Violence
  • A Conversation with Sandy Hook Promise

Two more live webinars will be held:

  • May 27 at 5 p.m. (EDT) – The Trauma Recovery and Rebuilding Process in the Wake of Gun Violence
  • June 9 at 1 p.m. (EDT) – Too Close to Home: Guns and Domestic Violence

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