A bulk order of the 2020 Lenten devotional published by Presbyterians Today is being coordinated by the Presbytery of Lake Michigan.

The devotional is titled “Becoming a Beloved Community: A Matthew 25 journey to the cross.” (See below for a description of the devotional content.)

Churches and individuals may place orders by using this link to complete an on-line order form. REMEMBER to print a copy of the completed form BEFORE submitting the order and use that document as your invoice to pay.  

Ordering Copies

The cost of ordering an individual copy directly from Presbyterians Today is $5.00 per copy plus shipping and handling. By joining the bulk order, your cost will be $2.50 per copy. (That per copy price includes the cost of having the copies you ordered shipped from the presbytery office to you.) Orders MUST be submitted via the online order form by noon Friday, January 24. The goal is to have the devotionals in your hands by Monday, February 17 so there is time to distribute the copies before Ash Wednesday on February 26.

About the Devotional

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of “beloved community” to describe a society where everyone has their needs met. In this devotional, readers discover how needs are met – and the direction by Jesus to “feed the hungry” and “clothe the naked” are followed — when selfless love breaks down racial barriers, gives voice to the voiceless and feeds hungry hearts, souls and bodies.

Readers will encounter images of ancient Christian mosaics. Just the way mosaics are constructed, readers are invited to reflect on how our little tile pieces may be added to contribute another dimension to the beloved community where we live.

The devotional itself reflects a beloved community. It features prayers and reflections by 19 ordained ministers, chaplains, lay pastors and ruling elders from the Presbytery of the Pacific. Attachments area