First Presbyterian Church – Battle Creek

The sanctuary in 1928 upon the dedication of the build-

Through the years changes were made to the chancel, updating and enlarging it to accommodate new styles of worship as well as an expanded music program. Our Sanctuary also saw additions of stained glass medallions in the windows, padded pews in the center section and later, wheelchair accessible seating.

By 2011, we started seriously looking once again at the improvement of our Sanctuary, including redesigning our Chancel to allow more flexible use of the existing space. By 2014, plans were completed and construction was started on an enlarged Chancel platform. On November 23 of that year, we celebrated its completion with the first of several services of dedication showing the different ways to utilize the new Chancel to enhance our worship experience. Since that time we have moved forward with what you may call “Phase 2”, which included staining and repair of our pews to match the Chancel, replacement of the flooring underneath the pews, and completely painting the entire Sanctuary, including the ceiling
and towers.

The sanctuary in November 2018 after refurbishing

We arrive again in the month of November, ready to celebrate the completion of our refurbished worship space. We have much to be proud of, just as our “forefathers” did ninety years ago when they dedicated their new church. Let us rejoice in this festive time as we gather to stop and admire the work that has been accomplished and rededicate our Sanctuary to the worship and service of Almighty God.

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